Sunday, January 22, 2017

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Minimalist décors always make a statement if done right. There has to be a balance when going minimalistic. Maintaining the fine line between keeping it minimum to keeping it less. Keeping it less means there is not enough to make the space fell well. Keeping it minimum means having just the right number of items to make the area seem decorated and designed. If the fine line is crossed, it could seem like the minimalistic décor is exaggerated. To maintain the fine line a few basic tips could do the magic.

Keeping the balance in space is very important. We have to carefully choose each piece of furniture and combine it with the right accessories. Accessories like the pillow cases, curtains, associated smaller furniture must be picked in such a way that it complements the main piece of furniture in the room. Always pick quality over quantity. One furniture of good quality can substitute over 5 to 6 furniture pieces without quality. A single piece of accent furniture in a room with just a few simple complimenting accessories can speak a lot in style.

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