Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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3 tips from David Justin Urbas to give your home a timeless look

Decorating your home as per the trend might be great. But at the same time, you have to keep altering decoration every time with the trend. To avoid this, many homeowners prefer having a timeless decoration. If you too are looking for such decorating ideas, here get few from David Justin Urbas.

Choose classic design: Although you want to avoid the hassle of bringing changes to the home too frequently, it is not desirable that the interiors look old fashioned. Instead, you have to design the place in such way so that it looks fresh and relevant always. There are several ways of decorating a home. But, for getting a timeless look, you have to find out those which can remain equally attractive for long time. To ensure this, Urbas suggests homeowners like you to decorate the interiors using classic colors and decors. No matter what is the trend, such decorations always create an elegant look to the home.

Start with styling the home: The interior decoration and style of your home should complement each other. If you want to decorate the rooms and living areas in classic way, make sure that the architecture of your house fits with it. Usually the classic decorations look the best in homes with strong columns and statues. For getting an excellent look, you should pay attention to the materials being used at the home also. Use of natural materials like brick, stone, wood etc helps you to get the perfect look at home.

Do not choose something fad: The biggest feature of having a timeless decoration is - it never uses something which is fad. The designing experts consider that timeless decoration styles never pull anything from the short-lived trends. Along with it, you will not find anything ornate in these designs. Actually, the classic decorations are simple but sophisticated. Along with it, such decorative styles also put the maximum stress on enhancing functionality of the home. Though, simplicity is the key to decorating home in classic style, it is also made sure that the design does not look boring. The best way to do is combining both the antiques and modern decors together. For example, you can use neutral colors on wall and can decorate it with an antique piece of wall hangings.

Large number of homeowners prefer classic interior because of its high functionality. The classic designs are scaled perfectly. So, if you have decided to decorate the home in timeless manner, make sure that the space is utilized perfectly. While putting furniture into a room, check whether those are fitting in right way or not. For giving your home a classic look, you should stay away from anything over sized. Thus, before selecting new furniture, make sure that those are too big for your room. Also, you should stay away from those items which are excessively decorated and does not blend with rest of the room. The same approach should be taken to choose the colors also. In Traditional homes, colors like off-white and beige go well. You can blend these with bright colorful artworks to create a lively ambiance.


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