Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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Home Decor Tips! | Michelle from Millennial Moms

Today Michelle is sharing some of her home decor tips and tricks! From picking color schemes to buying the right size furniture, Michelle has great advice for anyone looking to give their home a little makeover. What's your best decorating advice?
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Monday, October 24, 2016

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4 ideas from David Justin Urbas to make your bedroom the comfiest place

Bedroom is such a place that deserves your special attention, as you have to spend most of the time here. This, while decorating it, just paying attention to the aesthetic value is not enough. Instead, you require ensuring that a cozy appearance is created within it also. Here are the ideas from David Justin Urbas for having a comfortable as well as organized bedroom.

Biggest beds are not the best always: It might be tempting to place a large bed within the bedroom. But, it may not be the best option for your bedroom always. Before accommodating a large bed into your bedroom, make sure that it is fitted well and not making the room congested. If your bedroom is not so large, going for a smaller bed would be better.

Choosing right color scheme: Colors play a crucial role to set the ambiance for your interior. As the bedroom is for your relaxation, use of too many warm colors might affect the relaxing environment. On other hand , selecting only cold colors for bedroom too can create a depressed mood. That’s why, David Justin Urbas suggests homeowners to balance the neutral as well as warm colors to have the best appearance.

Proper lighting: Even if you choose the best colors for bedroom, its decoration will remain incomplete without proper lighting. Urbas states that before choosing lamps for your bedroom, at first, check its access to natural light. Along with lamps, you have to use the curtains and blinds also effectively to have control the amount of natural light at daytime.

Use your existing furniture: Changing the appearance of your bedroom does not mean that you have to bring all the new furniture. A little experiment with these items can change the entire look of bedroom.

However, David Justin Urbas also considers that the bedroom should not be cluttered too much. Thus, you should require using the number of furniture within bedroom as small as possible to maintain a minimalist look.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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4 cool ideas from David Justin Urbas you can use for Christmas decoration

On the Christmas Eve, just like other home-owners surely you too will wish to decorate the home in completely innovative way. Here are some ideas from David Justin Urbas that you can use for giving your home a new look without draining the pocket.

Place a bow wreath: Wreaths are an important part of home decoration for Christmas. Although these decors are used traditionally, this year you can do little experiment with these. For example, instead of using the commonly available wreaths, you can use one made of bow. Add the colorful bows with glue and keep the Wreath at such a place which can be noticed easily.

Stacks with wreaths: Not only in the materials, experiments can be done with arrangement of the wreaths too. At the door you can stack two or more wreaths and can team them up with red ribbons or bells. It will also give the doors an innovative look.

Bring new chair tops: The look of your dining area can be altered easily just by bringing new chair tops. For Christmas, you can decorate the chairs with new red Santa tops. However, David Justin Urbas considers that using ribbons with any other chair tops will also bring festive look in the dining area.

Place a candy cane vase: If you are looking for decors that can give your room an innovative appearance, a candy cane vase is the answer. You can create it at your home also. Just use some glue to add the colorful candy canes together and tie them with a red ribbon. To add more charm, you can fill the vase with artificial flowers.

Pinecone is another traditional decor that you must use for Christmas decoration. David Justin Urbas states that use can color the pine cones with golden or any other bright color and place them at corners to get the perfect look.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016