Friday, September 23, 2016

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Decorating Tricks To Beautify Your Home

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There is actually no rule book to decorate your rooms. You can surely use your creativity to decorate your rooms in your own way. David Justin Urbas suggests few decorating tricks by which you can decorate your rooms easily.

Breathing Room For Furniture:  You should not overcrowd your room with too much furniture. Try to keep some breathing space for your furniture in the room. This can also be relevant if you are decorating within a tight budget. You are not required to purchase a large number of furniture.

Never Become Very Theme-Specific:  Try not to make your rooms in a very theme-specific way. When the items in your rooms become very theme-y , they may lose their individuality. You can use artworks to create coastal vibes within the room.

Sight Lines:  The sight lines must be very clear even from one room to the other. David Justin Urbas advises that the focal point must remain within the direct sight after entering the room.

Layers Of Lights: You can add various layers of lighting in your kitchen or the living room. When you are adding some artwork, you can use the backsplash lighting to highlight them in a proper manner. For providing a dramatic effect, you can use a central lighting system.

Artwork At Proper Height:  When you are hanging the artwork, you must place them in the proper height. From the floor, the artwork can be placed within the range of 57 to 60 inches. This is because the level of sight of the average human eye is 57 inches.

According to David Justin Urbas, you can definitely use your own creativity while decorating your room. Make sure you are not overdoing it, because overly decorated rooms may not be comfortable with the practical life. A simple artwork or pillow collections can easily serve your purpose.


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