Monday, September 12, 2016

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4 DIY to give your room a warm look this Winter

Beating the chilly environment outside in winter is not at all difficult, if you can keep the interiors warm, cozy and fresh. Here, David Justin Urbas suggested few tips that you can use to have a great interior in the next winter.

Lightning: Winter is a season when the natural light might become scarce making your rooms more dull. So, in this season, you have to arrange for extra light for brightening your places. At this time, your can replace the existing lights with brighter and warmer ones to create a lively environment.

Use heavy draping to insulate yourself from chill: At some places, the chilly weather sometimes becomes really unbearable. If you are living in these areas, then you should give special attention to insulate the rooms from cold weather. First of all, you have to check whether there is any leak in the windows or doors. After that you replace the summer draping with heavier ones. David Justin Urbas considers that it will also help you to get warm environment at the rooms.

Bring warmth in texture: In winter, you can get a warm look at your house by bringing variations in the texture. Use of soft rugs, woolen covers and comfortable cushions at the lounge or your living area creates the impact you desire.

Use rugs for the floors: In winter, along with other parts of your house, you require paying attention to the floors also. Decorating floor with colorful rugs is a great idea for this time. Along with giving the interior areas a new look, it will also help you to keep the feet warm.

Winter is probably the only season when you realize that having a small bedroom is not bad always. However, David Justin Urbas suggests that in this season, you can make the bedroom cozier by adding layers. Simply using quilt covers and comforters can change the entire look of the bedroom at this time.


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