Monday, September 5, 2016

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4 catchy tips to change your interiors completely

When it comes to giving our home a new and refreshing look, often we do not call up those small tricks that can have major impacts. Here, David Justin Urbas suggested some such ideas which you can use to renovate your own living space.

Color the smaller rooms with softer hue: Decorating the smaller rooms is always difficult for the home owners. Often we stuff these smaller rooms with lots of furniture in such way so that it loses the coziness. But, in smaller rooms also, you can create a spacious look using the colors effectively. For smaller spaces, you can color walls and furniture with soft and light paints. It will give the room a more spacious look. You can place mirrors strategically too for this purpose.

Use greenery: Adding greenery to your home is another effective technique that can create a refreshing environment within the rooms. You can use plants in small pots and place them in different areas for getting a lively environment. David Justin Urbas considers that use of flowers for decoration will also help you to keep the room fresh.

Mix up patterns and textures: While decorating your home, you should ensure that it is reflecting your personality. To create an innovative look within the rooms, you should mix up the patterns and textures along with neutral colors. You can mix the old and new inexpensive decors also for decorating your home in the best effective way.

Paint the bookcases: You can give the rooms an energetic look by coloring the bookcases. If the floors are colored with lighter paints, you can use a splash of bright colors in bookcases. The colored bookcase will not only attract eyes but will transform your room into a lively space from a boring one.

While decorating rooms, you should pay attention to the floors too. David Justin Urbas advises to use rugs on hard floors to create a softer look, read more


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