Thursday, September 15, 2016

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3 Tips to make your house kids-proof

You might have lots of decorating ideas in your mind for giving your house a new and fresh look. However, all these ideas cannot make the interior a cozy place for your children too. If you are finding it too difficult for decorating your house specially for kids, the following ideas from David Justin Urbas can help you.

Frame the artworks of your kids: If you are looking for an innovative way to decorate the kids’ room of your house, use their artworks instead of other readily available home decors. Placing their works with nice frame on the wall will give your room a personalized look.

Add inspiration quotes: Your kids learn from everything they are viewing surrounding them. So, you need to create a perfect learning environment within your house which can help them to grow up in better way. Thus, not only in their rooms, you require considering what your children will like for decorating other areas of the house also. For example, on the wall of living room or dining area, the inspirational quotes can be used to make the home a better place for children.

Use the durable items only: David Justin Urbas considers when the kids are in your house, you should consider durability of furniture , decor or any other item you are using, at least in their first few years. You can replace the light color fancy covers with darker ones or your fashionable sofas with leather ottoman. Even, Urbas considers that you can use an outdoor rug within rooms too as these are easy to wash.

Decorate kids’ rooms with books: The books can also be used to decorate the rooms of kids. In their reading rooms, keep all the books in such way so that each one of them is visible easily. Storing books in such way will not only help your kids to find out their required ones, but the graphic design on covers will also create a gorgeous look within the room.

Although using pink and blue in your kids’ room is quite common practice, David Justin Urbas considers that there is no need to stick to these colors only. Rather, you can use different shades to brighten up the place for them, read more.


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